Improving Dorset's Healthcare - CSR Consultation Document

The consultation document which details the preferred proposals from Dorset’s Clinical Services Review.


Opinion Research Services (ORS) on Interpreting the Consultation Findings

ORS was appointed by NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (DCCG) to provide an independent report of the formal consultation programme which forms part of Dorset’s Clinical Services Review (CSR) on healthcare services in Dorset. This document summarises ORS’s approach in that role.


Clinical Risk Approach to CSR
DCC CSR Transport Review Report
Prevention at Scale Update
Governing Body Papers - ICS
Governing Body Papers - Major Hospitals
Consultation Plan Oct 2016
Sustainability and Transformation Plan
Equality Impact Analysis (EqIA) - July 2017

With the transformation plans and a consultation for the Clinical Services Review (CSR) gathering pace, the CCG is keen to demonstrate how Equality and Diversity issues have been taken into consideration at each stage of the review so far and will continue to do so into the future.

To date, the CCG have engaged and communicated with a vast diverse range of stakeholders to keep them updated through public information events and have involved representatives from different protected characteristics in our Patient and Public Engagement Group (PPEG).

Equality and Diversity considerations such as booking accessible venues for engagement events and having information in different formats on request will be in place to ensure wider participation and in the run up to the public consultation, diverse groups and organisations have been contacted to advise us on the best ways of engaging with them.

The Equality Impact Assessment on the likely impact of the preferred models has commenced and was carried out by senior managers in the CCG.

The Equality Analysis of the models of care will be a continual process and as we go through public consultation, all comments attributed to protected characteristics, will be further added.

Completed Impact Assessments are available on the Dorset CCG website.


The Need to Change - March 2016

An updated look at health care in Dorset.


Compendium Clinical Evidence - March 2015

Compendium of clinical evidence for the Clinical Working Groups.


Hospital Types - March 2015

Different types of hospitals and what they look like.


Travel Time Analysis - March 2015

The travel time analysis tests the impact services changes may have on travel times to acute hospitals.


Evaluation Criteria - February 2015

Explains the process for narrowing down the list of potential acute hospital based service options for Dorset.


The Need to Change - February 2015

The Need to Change – full technical document.


The Need to Change Supporting Materials - January 2015

Supporting material to accompany The Need to Change.


Case Examples of Models of Care - December 2014

Case examples of models of care presented to the Clinical Working Groups.


Clinical Services Review Specification - June 2014

The specification document for the Clinical Services Review.


Glossary of Terms

An explanation of terms used in our resources.



Governing Body Presentation - July 2016
Governing Body Presentation - May 2015
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Engaging with the people of Dorset - October 2014
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