What this means for me

We currently have 13 community hospitals in Dorset which provide services like scanning, x-rays, and outpatient appointments. At the moment, we are not making the best use of these facilities, and with 40-50% of space not being used, NHS money in Dorset could be spent in a better way.

Bring care closer to home

We are proposing 12 community hubs across Dorset. Seven of the hubs would have beds, the other five would not. All sites would offer a range of outpatient services such as tests and scans.

A community hub with beds will allow for fast access to care which would mean you wouldn’t have to travel to a major hospital for treatment.

Based on the current demand and population, the community hubs with beds are proposed to be located in:

  • Either Poole or Bournemouth Hospital
  • Wimborne Hospital
  • Bridport Hospital
  • Blandford Hospital
  • Sherborne Hospital
  • Swanage Hospital
  • Weymouth Hospital.

By having community hubs in these areas the total number of community beds would increase by around 70.

In the proposals, the five community hubs without beds would be located in:

  • Shaftesbury
  • Christchurch
  • Dorset County Hospital
  • Portland
  • Wareham.
Alderney, Westhaven and St Leonards Hospitals would not be used as community hubs and services based there would be moved to other locations. Proposals for the future of mental health beds that are currently in Westhaven hospital and Alderney hospital will be reviewed in separate consultations. St Leonards Hospital would close.


We believe that with community hubs, around 10,000 local people a year could be supported in a community setting instead of being admitted to a major hospital. Over 100,000 additional outpatient appointments would also be provided in the community. All of this helps bring care closer to home.

For more detailed information about the proposed changes please read the Clinical Services Review consultation document, ‘Improving Dorset’s Healthcare’.