We are proposing changes to the way the three major (acute) hospitals in Dorset are organised and how care outside of hospital is provided so that more services are available closer to home.

Integrated community services
“One way that we could help
to join-up and improve health and care services in the community for local people is by creating what we are calling community hubs.”

Integrated community services means bringing together primary care, acute hospitals (secondary care), community and voluntary services and social care to provide services around the patients.

This involves teams including GPs, nurses, therapists, consultant doctors, social workers and community mental health nurses, working together across traditional organisational boundaries.

We are proposing seven community hubs with beds and five community hubs without beds.

Major hospitals
“National clinical evidence shows that more lives are saved when people are treated in specialist centres with senior specialist staff available on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Dorset’s three major hospitals provide a lot of the same services, but facilities are stretched. Evidence shows more lives are saved when people are treated in specialist centres with distinct roles.

In the east of Dorset we are proposing that there should be one major emergency hospital (our preference is Royal Bournemouth Hospital) and one major hospital for planned care (our preference is Poole Hospital).

Dorset County Hospital would continue to provide both planned and emergency care in the west of Dorset.

What this means for me

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What the proposed changes would mean for local people…

MORE access to the highest quality urgent and emergency services.

A NEW maternity, women and children’s unit at the major emergency hospital and new theatres at the planned hospital.

MORE improvements in health and better outcomes as we fulfil our ambition to have access to consultant-led services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MORE lives saved because the most seriously ill patients would be treated by specialist teams with the right expertise in the right place at the right time. 

LESS risk of cancelled operations and hospital acquired infections for people needing planned care.

LESS delays in being discharged from hospital.

100,000 outpatient appointments moved out of acute hospitals and in to a community setting.

10,000 FEWER urgent care admissions to acute hospitals, as these could be dealt with at home or in the community.